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Greetings from the Master Chef

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Japanese Cuisine Densho Ebisu Head Chef Touru Sugimoto

Thank you for visiting Densho Ebisu’s homepage.

At Japanese Cuisine Densho Ebisu, we put our heart into each and every dish,cherishing each encounter as once-in-a-lifetime, and greeting all customers with the finest cuisine and a hospitable spirit.
To provide dishes that appeal to our customers’ five senses, we endeavor to produce each dish such that all of its components stand out from a variety of viewpoints.

Japanese Cuisine Densho Ebisu proudly prepares seasonal dishes with ingredients expertly selected from the harvests of the land and sea, and provides famous spirits from all over Japan.
Be it our garden, with its overflowing harmonious Japanese atmosphere, or our original tableware, our devoted attention to each small detail further brings out the charms of our dishes.

We strive each day with sincerity to enable our customers to experience leisurely conversation in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying truly exquisite cuisine.

Japanese Cuisine Densho Ebisu Head Chef
Touru Sugimoto