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Privacy Policy

All businesses in the Company that handle personal information and all employees who handle personal information comply with laws, nationally established guidelines, and other standards in regards to the handling of personal information.

The Company will define the purpose of usage when acquiring and using personal information, and the personal information will not be handled in a manner that exceeds the requirements for achieving the defined purpose (personal information will not be used for a purpose other than the defined purpose). Furthermore, the Company will take appropriate management measures to ensure that personal information will not be used for a purpose other than the defined purpose.

The Company will not provide any acquired personal information to third parties without the express permission of said person, except in situations such as when required by law

If the Company receives complaints or consultation regarding the handling of personal information, the Company will quickly perform an investigation into the matter and handle the matter in good faith within a reasonable period of time.

In order to appropriately manage acquired personal information, the Company will establish systematic, personal, physical, and technical safety measures to prevent leakage, loss, defamation, or revisions of personal information.

The Company is continuously revising the personal information protection management system for protecting personal information based on changes to societal circumstances or environment, and the Company continues to improve efforts towards personal information protection.

Enacted March 15, 2019

Ebisu Development Co., Ltd.
Mutsuo Harada, Managing Director

<Contact Information for Inquiries Regarding the Personal Information Protection Policy>
Ebisu Development Co., Ltd.
Business Administration Department  

Handling Personal Information

Ebisu Development Co., Ltd. Personal Information Protection Manager

<Purposes of Use of Personal Information>
We will use personal information for the following operations and to the extent necessary to accomplish the stated purposes.

•Restaurant operations
•Restaurant franchise operations
•Operations related to catering and food delivery
•Operations related to the development and introduction of chefs, such as the operation of a culinary school

○Purposes of Use
•To manage customer information in restaurant operations
•To send notifications of our campaigns and events, and to deliver questionnaires and monitoring surveys, various information about related food services, prize products, publications, catalogs, etc.
•To recruit and consult participating stores in restaurant franchise operations
•To conduct procedures related to culinary school, culinary courses, etc.
•To send information and materials regarding culinary school, culinary courses, seminars related to cooking, training, and various courses.
•To smoothly and appropriately complete commissioned work when commissioned with processing all or part of personal information from another business
•To conduct hiring procedures
•To manage employees’ employment and benefits (including managing employees’ employment (including conducting interviews with doctors and implementing measures at work for the stress check based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act, in the event that there is a request to do so from an employee) as well as benefits provided by the company group (including mutual aid and stock holdings groups))
•For operations that legally require the handling of specific personal information (operations involving the use of individual numbers, e.g., putting the individual numbers of employees (including spouses and dependents), outsourcers that requires statements of earnings, stockholders, and clients that require the provision of records of payment onto paperwork such as statements of earned income, records of payment, paperwork for obtaining an insured status within the national healthcare and welfare system, and submitting that paperwork to administrative agencies and health insurance associations, as well as use for operations involving the defined contribution pension plan)

<Regarding Disclosure of Information>
We will not disclose obtained personal information to third parties without the consent of the individual.
However, we may disclose information in the following situations.
• When the individual has seen or been notified of the necessary items in advance and has given consent
•When necessary for the protection of a person’s life, body, or property, and the individual’s consent cannot be readily obtained
•When required by law
•When particularly necessary to improve public health or the healthy development of children, and the individuals consent cannot be readily obtained
•When it is necessary to cooperate with national or local governing agencies, public organizations, or parties entrusted by national or local governments or public organizations in performing their legal duties, and when it is feared that obtaining the individual’s prior consent may obstruct the execution of said duties
•When entrusting all or part of an individual’s personal information to a contracted party within the extent necessary to fulfill the stated purposes
•When providing personal information for business succession in the event of a merger or other reason, and for handling information within the extent necessary to fulfill the purposes stated prior to succession

<Regarding Entrusting Information>
We may entrust outsourcers that fulfill our established standard of personal information protection with personal information for the purposes of labor management, customer management, mailing, and system maintenance and improvement.

<Regarding Procedures for the Release/Revision of Information>
We accept requests for the release of an individual’s personal information that we hold, notification of our purposes of use, revisions of information when the information we hold is inaccurate, the suspension of the usage of information, and the suspension of providing information to third parties (hereinafter “release etc.”). Regarding the specific procedures to request release etc., please inquire with the office listed below.

<Regarding the Voluntary Provision of Information and Consequences of Providing Inaccurate Information>
The provision of personal information is entirely voluntary, but please understand that when information is written incorrectly or accurate information is not provided, we may be unable to provide appropriate restaurant service or accept various applications etc.

<Obtaining Information Such that Individuals Cannot be Easily Identified>
Our website uses cookies. Cookies provide necessary system information when users view our webpage and information that is only used to confirm that a user is a single person. They do not include information that could be used to identify individuals.

<For Inquiries or Complaints Regarding the Handing of Personal Information>
Please contact the office listed below if you have inquiries, complaints, etc. regarding our handling of personal information.

<Contact Information for Inquiries or Complaints Regarding the Handling of Personal Information>
Ebisu Development Co., Ltd.
Business Administration Department